Our aim is to give you peace of mind knowing that whatever you buy from us will be beautifully made and designed to stand the test of time, with sustainability and affordability at the forefront of everything.

Organic Cotton

No toxic pesticdes or synthetic fertilizers.
Also, not edible (!).


Oeko Tex 100 is a registered trademark label that represents high quality textiles that are free from harmful substances. We guarantee you have this label at home somewhere. Go on, go check!

Animal Friendly

Organic Cotton is Vegan is its production does not cause harm to local wildlife or habitats.

Protected Environments

Cotton grown organically means farmers grow healthy crops using techniques such as crop rotation and composting. This maintains soil health and protects ecosystems by using natural processes.

Conservation of Water

Organic Cotton uses 91% less water than non-Organic Cotton. Typically, it takes 2,700 litres of water to produce a small item such as a T-Shirt or hand towel. That is a lot.

GOTS Certified

Cotton is not only organic but also passes strict ecological and social criteria. This means that products are created in an environment practising health and safety and not forced labour, children or coercion.

We are incredibly proud to be part of the 1% for the planet, an initiative that allows us to donate 1% of our profits to amazing causes who tackle our planet's most urgent environmental issues.

The Longing, and Lindsey & Jack personally, are part of Ecologi. Ecologi allows us to compensate for our carbon footprint by funding important climate projects that are certified at the very highest level by the Gold Standard or the verified Carbon Standard. You can follow our journey at the link below and see all of the trees we've planted so far.

If you have ever taken the time to read a towel label, I don't know... perhaps whilst face-down on a sun lounger, trapped in the loo or, frankly, because you care about what you are buying into, then you may have come across Organic Cotton. 'Why does it matter if Cotton is Organic, I'm not eating it?!'

Firstly, please do not eat Organic Cotton. Here, at The Longing HQ, we can categorically confirm it does not taste good.

Secondly, it is much more sustainable, using less water and no chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides to produce, thus protecting local wildlife and habitats.

Lastly, it is just beautifully soft and there is no better feeling than knowing the little things we enjoy, the meaningful moments in our lives, are guilt-free. If you have The Longing to know more about Organic Cotton, then you are in luck!